Summer Session

The Kintz-Mejia Academy of Ballet offers summer programs that are, in their own way, quite unique.  Most schools use the summer as a cash cow to give children an activity that is dance related and fun.  Our school uses the summer months with other objectives.

Our summer camps serve as a perfect way to bring new students into the school.

Our summer activities are geared to existing students; therefore, this time is used to introduce them to material that will be presented in the upcoming year. Also to go back and reinforce strengths and target weaknesses.

It is in the summer that our students learn such needed skills as stage make-up and performing hair styles.

Students also have a chance to watch and discuss videos of various ballet companies and performances. Alongside their teachers they can learn and develop their understanding of ballet in the world today.

It is in the summer camps that our students learn ballet history, vocabulary, yoga, character dance and for the more advanced, pas de deux.

Our students very often attend the camps of lower levels to reinforce their fundamentals. These programs have generated tremendous growth among the students of KMAB.